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Lasik eye doctor in Ewa Beach HI
lasik eye doctor.png   McMann Eye Institute's Cataract Consultation

Your refractive consultation is an information session where we will discuss your vision issues and goals, your refractive options and what you can expect from surgery. We will review your contact lens and/or eyeglass history and run tests as needed to determine the uniformity of your cornea and recommend the best procedure for you.

Your consultation may be covered by insurance. If not, then there is a $160 charge for this appointment. This 2-2.5 hour dilated consultation typically includes a complete review of overall eye and systemic health plus an assessment of other eye conditions and an evaluation of the retina.

In complicated cases of corneal irregularities or for astigmatism correction, corneal topography to measure the entire front and back surface of the cornea is usually performed. Your intraocular pressures are tested and refraction (prescription) checked, and a measurement of pupil size will help determine which intraocular lens will work for you.

Your surgeon will take some additional surgical measurements and then sit down with you to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedures as well as your goals and expectations. Once the best procedure to improve your vision has been determined, a staff member will schedule your procedure date and any additional pre-operative testing required. We will also discuss payment and financing options with you if needed, including interest-free payment plans and other payment options that are available.

IOL Counseling

Cataract surgery replaces your eye's natural lens with a clear artificial intraocular lens (IOL). If your eye is healthy, you have a choice of the type of implant used. McMann Eye Institute provides multiple Lifestyle lens options, including Multifocal, Accommodating and Toric lenses. The standard cataract replacement lens provides optimum vision at distances beyond ten feet or so. The new Lifestyle IOLs have advanced designs to give our patients the ability to see near and far mostly without the use of glasses. In such cases, glasses are normally only needed for very small print or reading in areas without much light.

You have unique visual requirements and the best approach is to fit the best lens implant available to accommodate each patient's individual situation. We will be certain that you receive professional and thorough education regarding lens implant options.

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