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Lasik eye doctor in Ewa Beach HI
lasik eye doctor.png   LASIK Payment and Financing Options
LASIK, in the eyes of the insurance industry, is an elective procedure. That means insurance usually won't cover the procedure. We work with multiple budgets to provide LASIK at an affordable cost with reasonable financing options.

An industry survey conducted by during the first quarter of 2010 found that average LASIK costs were about $2000 - $2200 per eye. This average price includes national chains and discount centers that make amazingly low price offers. Your vision is not something you should risk compromising at a discount center.

The good news is that we offer attractive monthly payment options that can make 20/20 vision or better as affordable as a few dollars a day - and without the ongoing costs of lenses. We can talk price when you are ready; but first, we prefer that you to come in so we can determine whether you are a candidate.

Facts About LASIK Affordability

LASIK for $299, $499 or $699 - Fact or Fiction? Mostly fiction. Ads offering LASIK for $299, $499 or $699 can be found all over the media and at first glance they seem very tempting. In fact less than 2% of patients even qualify medically for this type of procedure. "Indeed, only 3% of LASIK procedures cost less than $1,000 per eye, and the average price is about $2,000." Statement by Paul B. Ginsburg, PhD. before U.S. House of Representatives' Subcommittee on Health, 3/1/2006.

Bait & Switch Marketing: This not very honest technique works like this: 'Bait' the unwary consumer by offering startlingly low prices, then 'switch' to escalate the end cost by adding 'necessary enhancements or additions' that independent surgeons like Dr. McMann include in his basic fee.

The moral of the story: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

The fact is that you don't have to discount your vision or your peace of mind to achieve 20/20 or better with LASIK from McMann Eye Institute.

We work hard to make LASIK affordable for you. We offer a variety of financing options including 0% for up to 18 months. If you want payments as low as $89 per month, choose our longer term financing options where you'll pay low interest but actually end up paying less than you're paying now for glasses and contacts. After five years, you're payments will be over, and you'll still be enjoying your new vision!

Many of our patients prefer to just pay for their LASIK with money they've saved or possibly their FLEX spending accounts. In such cases we're happy to report that Dr. McMann has arranged double miles with your Hawaiian Airlines credit card. No matter how you pay for your LASIK, you'll still end up with the gift of beautiful eyesight!

Financing Partners -  McMann Eye Institute works with Alphaeon Healthcare Financing to provide you with attractive financing that will enable you to enjoy the benefits of excellent vision from LASIK sooner than you might otherwise receive.


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